Thursday, August 20, 2009

When I'm under the weather

what cheers me most is the sight of flowers.



These images are of my friend Marti's garden that I photographed when I was in Louisville last. You remember my brief stay long enough to see my granddaughter Olivia home.

Since arriving home I haven't done much in the way of art quilting. As I said, sewing on a sleeve doesn't count. I've been knitting fast and furiously.
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and the shawl is growing what I plan to wear wrapped about me in the fashion of a very long scarf.

My under the weather episode began with a trip to the hospital last Wednesday for some exploratory surgery that left me relieved. Nothing deadly was found. However with any surgery you do find yourself in hospital and at home abed and a house with brief walks to the end of the block. I am so impatient and must remind myself to allow myself time to heal.So no lifting or straining for the next six weeks.

While abed or sitting in my rocking chair I have been making a list of what furniture is going with me to Florida. The list hasn't been put in stone yet which at this moment is making comparing estimates I am getting from different moves a little hard to compare.

Starting today I began to go through my stuff in my effort to get it on the I'm moving blog" Go visit if you are interested in PFD fabric and dyes. I have packaged kits that includes various lengths of pre-measured 60" wide Kona PFD, and pre-measured dyes and the other stuff plus direction that are easy enough for a beginner to do. These packages are left-overs from my Dyeing Workshops.

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Rayna said...

Hooray that your exploratory surgery didn't find anything horrible! But yes, it does take a while to recover from the surgery part, which is always a trauma to the body. Bah!

I am still blown away by your quick decision to move to Fla - and it sounds like a great move!

Wishing you a quick bounce-back so you can get on with your adventure.