Thursday, December 10, 2009

So here is my latest piece

that still needs facing and sleeves. As is when faced it will measure 30" x 60" but I am contemplating cropping it a little on the top and maybe some on the left side. Will leave it pinned to the design wall overnight and look at it some more over coffee in the morning before deciding to face as is or if I should get out the trusty rotary cutter and a long straight edge.
My cough is better, food taste like food again and while I felt well enough to get back to walking this morning, surprise, surprise, it was raining when my feet hit the floor, so I put off walking one more day. Yeah, yeah, I know I could have taken the elevator to the seventh floor and walked on the treadmill, but, well...I'm sorry to say a week off just made it easy for me to find an excuses for not doing what I know I should.
A NOTE TO MYSELF: I promise, I promise, sunshine or rain I'm walking tomorrow, I promise.
I forgot to go to the park on Saturday for the lighting of the Christmas tree, but heard the fifteen minutes worth of fireworks that were set off. Last evening on returning from the CVS drugs store I drove slowly along Cranes Roost Blvd and looked at the lights. Very nice! Maybe one evening I will see if I can capture the lake at night all lite up for the season.
My search for Superior Mono-poly clear has ended. Tuesday on-line I found a quilt shop (The JaM Place); 2 hours drive from my door that carries the thread. Over the phone I brought the three spools she had in the shop and she very helpfully put them in a Priority Mail soft side envelope and sent them to me. They arrived today.
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Susan Turney said...

Juanita, it's just gorgeous! I love that it's so large! (I wish I could see the quilting better)!
The bright, beautiful colors make me so happy and the "pose" seems to say "Look at me! I'm tall, I'm proud and I'm strong"!
I can see it hanging in a public place where someone may need some encouragement!
I wish I could write all of the above in a better way but hopefully you understand. You did good! :)

Sharon said...

LOVE your new pieces! Just gorgeous!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing your pieces - and the close ups of your quilting. Fabulous!!!