Sunday, February 21, 2010

I think I have a love for tall skinny things like palm trees and long stemmed flowers

I am thoroughly enjoying the sunny days we have had this week. Each day has gotten better than the day before. It was like everyone was waiting for the cold snap to end so they could return as I did today and for the past two days. The lake is filled with people of all sizes, shapes and ages again who are walking faster than me or strolling (slower than me) and like the many huffing, sweating joggers (what I
will never be). As I am blogging the sun is setting and it is still 69 degrees here.
This is a familiar image for those who follow my blog. This is the second small piece (approx 18" x 40")I have made since I sent my work off to Ann Arbor. So I am working. I love the simple shape of the blooms and they are a no brainer to use compositionally as I am exploring what my limitations are when using soy milk soaked silk and cotton fabric. My previous painting on fabric has been done in two ways; with sodium algenate thickened dyes and dyes thickened with Rice paste. There are discernible differences in the techniques and results. With the soy wax I am using Pan Pastels and/or Inktensive pencils. I didn't take a picture of the first one before I took it to the quilt shop in Kissimmee to use as a sample of no-mark free motion quilting. It was the more successful of the two in my opinion. Will let you have a look at them both when I get the other one back.
Am enjoying listening to a new to me author by the name of Lee Child, his Jack Reacher series. Have to borrowed from the library and just went on line to reserve three more.

And Kathy, the flowers are holding up well, this is what they look like today, day 13. Looks like they will last until the end of the week easy.
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Gerry said...

You already know I love your flowers.
DH and I enjoy reading/listening about Jack Reacher's adventures.
I can just imagine his size.

Gerry in Jeff City

Susan Turney said...

I'm always so glad to see a new post! If this is your new home, it looks beautiful. I've been reading Jack Reacher for a while now and I love him. Have you read the Daniel Silva series with Gabriel Allon? He's another wonderful "hero" that you can't put down!


Rayna said...

I especially love the simplicity of this piece.