Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walking and working

This morning the sky was overcast and a fine misty rain was falling as I made my way to and around the lake this morning. I listened to a book on my CD as I trudged along, but unlike most mornings when I am out there with the single minded thought of "get it done" I took my camera and did a mile and stopped along the path during the second mile to take pictures of images that caught my eye. The third mile was completed and then I came home to work on the project pictured below.
Petunias, ducks, a tree draped in moss, a drainage grate, the azaleas are beginning to bloom in the areas of the park that the sun is not blocked by the trees. and a crack in the sidewalk.
I will be teaching at a retreat in April in Virginia Beach for the 54/40 Quilt Guild and I need a class sample. Time has a way of getting away from you and I did not want to leave it to the last minute getting some of my ducks in order.
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This piece should end up measuring 20" wide x 29" long after it is quilted. As a painted piece this is a doable size for a one day workshop. I will show you their second choice of a pattern to use tomorrow when I get that one painted tomorrow.
Update on condo remodeling: The hardwood floors are being put down and it is reassuring to realize that you made the right choice when all you have is a 2' x 2' sample piece to select your color from. The flooring color looks really good with the yellow walls. And will look even better after all the molding are back in place.

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Mary said...

Love you art, Juanita. I am happy to have discovered you. I'll continue to look in, while you keep up the creativity.