Saturday, May 29, 2010

A day that started out ordinary

turned into a lot of fun. Even through Orlando is home now, I still feel like a tourist at times, especially when I put my feet in places they have never been before, like the Mall at Mallenia and the Florida Mall.
Back to the ordinary. Our first stop was at a Super Target. The shopping list was nothing but ordinary stuff, like Pledge. From there it was a short ride to IKEA where I have been wanting to go for several weeks because I had a gift card that was burning a hole in my purse wanting to be spent. But not until I moved my sewing table away from the shelves I use for storing my sewing supplies, fabric, books and etc did I realize that I needed something closer to the sewing cabinet to put my collection of thread in. I know it would probably do me good to get up and walk to the other side of the room every now and then, but you know when you are hard at it the last thing you want to do is pause for too long, The red cabinet with six drawers is what I brought. After an hour and a half of assembling it, I think it is going to work just great.
The other reason Rene and I braved the rain and went out today was because I need new walking shoes. Too many miles walked in the old pair, time to let them go. I love Earth Shoes. Or should I say my lower back loves Earth Shoes and you would think a city this size would have a store or two that carries them. WRONG!!!
I looked online for stores that carried then in this area and found one store, with two location in Orlando that did according to the Earth Shoes website store locator page.
The first location we tried was at the Mall at Millenia near IKEA, What a hassle getting a parking space there only to find that location did not carry them. Pooh!!!!
So back to the car and on to the Florida Mall, much further south.I had not been there either. Again no luck, but there was the M & M Store :) And acting like a tourist, I had to go in and oogle all of the M & M stuff. Toys, mugs, purses, t-shirts.... I brought about 8 ounces of M & M dark chocolate multicolor plain and dark chocolate multicolor with peanuts mixed in the same bag and this cute mug. Made my day. Can you imagine your day not getting off to a sunny start when you have your first cup of coffee in something like this.
On the way home we stopped at 4 Rivers a non-chain, Orlando landmark restaurant where on any given day including today despite the occasional rain drop, the line was out the door. It can take as long as 25-30 minutes to place your order. We stood in line and phoned in our order (sneaky sort of) and it still took 20 minutes. But the brisket is well worth the wait and the cheese grits are to die for.

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