Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who said you have to sit here and feel confined

No one.... that is what I have realized yesterday in the morning as I readied myself to sit down to quilt my latest piece and realized that I didn't want to. When I initially moved into this apartment and set-up my space, I thought having my sewing station in the area that is suppose to be the dining area and out of the way was the best configuration for this space, but as I have begun to do more painting (whole cloth compositions) I have spent more and more time looking out the window to the garden and loving that view. Because I love the view I also spent far much too much time sitting at the computer because it allowed me to look out at the garden.

But a painting is done I move away from the window for days on end to quilt it and I really really miss the view. Two days into quilting on this latest piece I realized I was feeling confined. I missed the view and the sun light. What to do?

Who did I need to please? No one... Just me....

My door mat reads, "Live Life Joyfully" I picked it because that was what I wanted to do. On my walls hang the word "Joy" in two places not one. So why was I not sitting sewing without joy?

Yesterday, while still in my pj's I spent the better part of the day moving the few pieces of "big girl" furniture I brought with me around in my living space that since day one has been for all intent and purpose a "studio" with a bedroom, bath and a kitchen attached.

In truth I could have done with far less kitchen for only the refrigerator and micro-wave are put to use. The range does work. I boiled eggs once. The dishwasher has yet to be turned on. Who knows if it work or not !! After all who needs it IF all you dirty up on any givrn day is a glass, a mug, a salad bowl, a cereal bowl and a plate, one or two forks and a spoon.

So this is where my sewing machine and work table were. I am looking at it from where my sewing machine and work table are now. My lap top, the table top ironing surface and a work table now occupy the space. The easel will be moved closer to the window when next I paint.
Now, from where I sit at the sewing machine I can see out the window... sunshine.... ahhh.
That said, I am returning to quilting joyfully.<>

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Patricia said...

Good for you!!!! One's home should be just that "one's home" and should fit your purpose. That is why I don't have a formal dining room, but a quilting studio instead including the fancy ceiling light!

BTW---your work is beautiful!