Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh my... it has been some time

since I blogged last. So what is my excuse. I've been busy.
Doing what you ask. Welllllllll. I cropped, faced and put sleeves on the quilt pictured in the last blog so that it is ready for me to take to Kissimmee tomorrow when I go there to teach. I also got the paper work for it done which included the inclusion of a picture of the quilt sent off to Bernina. Since I was on a roll of finishing up projects, I cropped, faced and put sleeves on my two bird pieces so they will be ready to ship at the end of the month.

On Saturday of last week Rene and I went to see Iron Man 2, which was a fun movie. I did not see Iron Man 1, and if you didn't you won't be lost when you see this one. It was not the best movie I've ever sat through, but it wasn't the worst one either.

By Tuesday, I was really ready to get back to creating something, but a trip to the doctor intervened (just a check up) and I began putting out inquiries for a location to host a retreat here in or near where I live for next Winter. I am looking at dates between January 7 and February 12, 2011.

On Wednesday I had a three hour lunch with two members of the Modern Quilters Guild. While the guild as a whole seems to me to be more traditional, these two want to go in the direction of the art quilt. I think I have found some like minds here.

Because I need goals and something to work toward, I spent a day getting the paper work and disc burned to submit proposal to 5 places that interested me that had "calls for artist" listed in this month's "Art Calendar". That paper work is stacked and ready to be mailed. I will stop at Office Depot tomorrow on my way home to get padded envelopes and get them all in the mail by Monday well ahead of the stated deadlines.

In the middle of the week I also soy milk soaked several pieces of fabric, one piece was silk broadcloth. One piece was Roc-lon bleached muslin, that needed re-soaking because it was past two weeks old and a piece of muslin of a higher quality that is more dense. For the life of me I can't remember the maker, but I will look at the bolt end when I am in Kissimmee tomorrow.

It is the silk broadcloth that you see in the picture above with a couple of images of poppies as inspiration for my next work. Here to fore I have been "flying by the seat of my pants" as the saying goes when it came to me painting in the past, but I thought since I like doing this maybe a little learning couldn't help, so I am reading through a water color painting book Judy Eaton, titled Flowers & Leaves" two of my favorite subjects. The picture of Poppies you see is from a book by Clay Perry, titled "A World of Flowers" Hummm, I wonder how many times I can check it out of the library before they get the feeling that I don't want to return it. ; )

Will keep you posted on the progress of my latest work.

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Carol said...

Juanita, you can get the watercolor book you mentioned at used for under 10.00.
My friend has one. You might want to purchase one so you can keep it as long as you wish.

Robbie said...

Wow! I've been sitting here reading your blog posts (back to Jan. 2010!). I just LOVE your work!!! We are Michiganer's but stay in Ocala, Fl. for 3-4 months in the winter (yep, snow birds). We love Ocala and I went to the Red Swan art store this past winter! They are going to sell the store!! So sad as it's a great art supply store. I'll have to keep tabs on your blog..just love your work..yes, I repeated myself!

Judy Ellsworth said...

Hi from Casselberry, Juanita! I just discovered you and your work recently. Stunning! I'm looking for one of your classes or a workshop. Is there a schedule somewhere? Thanks.