Saturday, October 09, 2010

Can you image if

I had this much quilting done before I decided I didn't like the color of the thread I was using. After a couple of long lines of stitches I came to this conclusion and turned the piece over to remove the stitches and discovered that some how I had stitched a stray piece of cloth onto the back. There it was smack dab in the center where I would in no way logically place a sleeve or a label. Let me say, the sound I made can not be conveyed in the English language.

But then I laughed and thought I'd share this with you while I take a lunch break now that the stitches are all picked out and the offending piece of fabric now resides in the trash.
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Anonymous said...

Funny! I remember Karon did some heavy stitching on an art quilt, turned it over and there was a POST-IT NOTE PAD she had stitched through. Can you believe that!! She said she thought her machine was acting funny, but she kept right on going! You can imagine her surprise when she turned it over. She left it on for a long to get a big "hoot" from everyone she showed it to.

It's only October but I already put flannel sheets on the bed, and got out the electric blanket...aauurrgghh! We miss you in Missouri but are glad you get to enjoy nice warm winters. Sharon P.

Deb said...

oh yes I did but rather than pick it out, I hand appliqued a piece of the backing fabric over it after deciding against trying to paint it to match.

Irene said...

At least you didn't do this. See the Oct 8th posting. This is not me Ijust follow her blog.

Penny said...

Oh no!

Rayna said...

Ah, yes, the unpicking routine. Very Zen. Ask me how I know. Have fun in New England, it should be gorgeous up there now. But I'd trade my NJ winters for your green in a minute.