Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mt Dora Craft Fair

was held yesterday and Rene, the middle grandson Justin and I went  to walk the streets filled with people lined with high-end craft booths.  I first came upon the small town of Mt Dora by accident about a year ago when I failed to follow the instructions the GPS was giving me and I was glad that I did.  It is a lovely little town on a large lake that will remind you  more of New England than Florida if you could get past the moss dripping from the trees. After a year I am beginning to find that Florida is not at all what I had imagine before I had any thoughts of moving here.
Yesterday, the weather was perfect.  Low humidity, white fluffy clouds over head and temperature in the low 80's.  How perfect is that?
As I walked about venturing in and out of booths, there were several things that caught my eye, but nothing that insisted it come home with me.  It was just good to be out and about.I have included three collages of images that will remember. One is of trees. From time to time I have used them as the subject for my work while they do no dominate as flowers do I still am drawn to them.

The shape of these hats before putting them on your head caught my eye.  Cute!

The elephants were made from re-purposed silver flatware and table ware.

The last is a shot of the crowd going from street to street and booth to booth like me.
I saw my first live in the wild alligator yesterday lurking in the lake.  Mt. Dora is populated with fountains and I found then worth noting as was this church built in the mid 1800's as was the small resident hotel next door to the church. 

As I walked about, here are a few of the trees that caught my eye.  Not sure of what this flowering tree is but saw many on the way to Mt Dora on SR 436 and 441.  The colorful tree was for sale in a booth at the craft festival.  The leaves are ceramic. 
The left lower image is typical of Florida, " a tree that can be found growing anywhere in the US and a palm which is so typically Florida.  And then this short palm on the right that was just short, full and just cute.

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