Sunday, November 20, 2011

As I call it a day

this is what it looks like.  It needs a little more shading in some areas, but all in all I am happy with the look of the piece.  Of course the quilting will add to it and I am looking forward to getting started on that tomorrow first thing. 
Might not get back to you all until it is done.  If I don't...
have a good Thanksgiving.
Hope you will be spending it with loved ones and friends. 
 Rene', Lyn and I are not sure if we are going to share kitchen duty and cook in or  join the horde of tourist and find someplace to eat along the stretch of International Drive.   Josh the oldest grandson is still here convalescing is still on crutches and while he is motoring along quilt well, it still is a chore for him to go great distances.  If we do, it is  not very likely that we will find a place serving turkeywith all the trimmings.  Don't cry for me.
I got over equating Thanksgiving with food years ago. With a wheat allergy of the worst kind... no more mac and cheese, no more giblet gravy or stuffing, no more pumpkin pie or Parker House rolls slathered with butter.  Plain turkey some cranberries and plain mashed potatoes  and a few green beans just doesn't say HOLIDAY.  Picturing  just those thing  is somewhat reminiscent of a TV dinner. Nah! 
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Carol said...

The flowers are a little different than I expected, but still beautiful. Can't wait to see it with all of your lovely quilting.

Anonymous said...

Non-artist says right side seems cold. I'm just helping Phillip.
Love you Happy Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you.

Anonymous said...


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