Monday, November 14, 2011

I so often have the hardest time coming up with a title

 for my art work.  This one was no different.  Often in the past I've sent out a please name this piece S. O. S. to my friend Marti.
 Not since I have been doing what I call quilted paintings have I gotten to that place of late mainly because what I am painting and quilting looks so much like what it is that naming my work has  been simplified.  "Morning Glory" , "Hibiscus", "Snow Drops",  etc.  Naming this one was going to be no different.  The flowers remind me of an old rose variety and the name was going to be that.  "An Old Rose".  However, my oldest grandson immediately upon seeing me working on this piece, said.  "Those flowers look like the ones on your dishes". And he was right. 
Now you are wondering why a young man would notice such a thing, but I didn't because his every meal while my three grandsons lived with me was served using my favorite dishes... Franciscan dessert rose pattern. 
Yes you can and I did have three boys in my house for years using these dishes for everything from their breakfast cereal to dinner.  Even when they were in charge of doing the dishes, there were no mishaps.  I on the other hand broke a few. 
So now the name for this piece will be "Franciscan Rose".  I will see if others make the connection.
The piece has been blocked I am showing you the piece as I plan to crop it.
here is what it looks like now.
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Sharon P. said...

BEAUTIFUL......shading is wonderful....and I love the name!

Valerie said...

Juanita an absolutely beautiful piece. I can almost smell it.
Good work as always...

Valerie said...

Juanita, absolutely beautiful. Outstanding work, as always....I can almost smell them.
Good Job...I bet this wins another ribbon for you..

Karoda said...

I have a Franciscan Rose pitcher momento that came from my Great G-mama's. And I agree with Sharon, the shading is excellent!