Sunday, November 20, 2011

Painting yellow flowers

 I spent most of Friday trying to decide what to paint next and waiting for my daughter Rene to arrive, which she did.  She will be here until the Sunday after Thanksgiving day.
 When I discovered that  I was down to this last length of  broadcloth I put in an order for more. Order should arrive by this time next week.  There is no presser like the presser of knowing that if you flub up you have no fall back cloth to work with. 
As it is now stretched on my paint surface it  measures 44" long by 55-56" As pictured, you are seeing about 48 inches on the width of the piece with the other 8 inches wrapped to the back of the foam board.  More than likely I won't crop it by much. 
If nothing else comes up today, I should finish painting it today and begin quilting tomorrow. 
Will update you as I go along.

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