Sunday, June 10, 2012

Florida is known as the sunshine state but

of late periods of sunshine has been hard to find.  Rain, rain, rain, cloudy and grey skies  is what we have had for more than a week now and I was getting a little tired of it.  But this morning with the dawn came the clear sky and sunshine, yeah. 
While sunshine is way up there on my list of favorite things so are flowers and this week I got to indulge myself in them.  First by buying a pot of begonia at the market this week to place on a table in front of the window to add some more cheer and color to my living space.

Secondly, by working on my latest quilt and teaching an abridged version of my painting on silk with watercolor class yesterday.
Sorry, I forgot to take my camera along, so no pictures.  But the ladies in the class have asked if I could arrange a class on how I free motion quilt my quilts. If that comes to be , what they painted yesterday  will be the project they will work on in the machine quilting class. I promise  I will take pictures then. 
Best venture of all... this past week I was pleased to have my middle grandson Justin come for a visit before he is ships out for nine months of sea duty.
He arrived last Sunday in time to be my ride home from the airport.  Now getting myself up and into his truck was not easy or a pretty site.   While he was here he drove  me to 2 Lowe's stores to shop in their nursery for these plants that I planted in my balcony railing boxes.  To solve the issue of how to get into the truck I took along a foldable step stool.  Yes it did look funny but it worked and it was a far far better looking picture then me trying to get into the truck otherwise. 

I had to remove the flower boxes from the railing  for the building painting project.  With them back and filled with flowers I feel so much more like I am living in "My Place". 
I began quilting this piece before I went to Ohio to teach last weekend and it was good to get back to it when I
Sunshine outside, flowers inside (the begonias), outside (the flower boxes) and being worked on,(the quilt) how good is that for a SUNday.

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Kathryn said...

Juanita, thanks for being such a great teacher. I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can see the details via my latest blog posting.