Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Teaching: the good and the just plain trying

I am back from Ohio and two days of teaching my Flowers on a Grand Scale to a group of 12 lovely ladies.  Some who were in the class I taught there last year so it was really nice to see some familiar faces.  Again I was hosted by Carole S. and enjoyed my stay in her home and left wanting to take the  mattress on the bed home with me.  It was so comfortable.
The trying part of my travels was the "flying to and from".  I did not realize just how much I dislike doing so.  There once was a time when I did not enjoy being on a plane while it was in flight.  But back then, I did not find the getting through the terminal to the plane a pain.  Now it is.  So bear with me because I am going to b---h and moan.
Getting out of Orlando is not really that bad especially if your are organized.  (easy on and off shoes, all stuff that needs to be removed from you purse, carryons in zip lock bags and you go through the experienced traveler line).  There  isn't that much a walk from the entry door to the TSA clearing area and from there to where you get  on the tram to your gate.  Everything considered,  how busy the air port is and the number of flights in and out and size of the overall footprint of the airport it is not bad.  And neither is the airport in St Louis. The airport in Louisville is not bad for two reasons, the walking side walks and the little golf cart type passenger carriers.
Now you would think that a smaller airport servicing smaller planes would be a cinch.  But I have found the two smallest  airports to which I have traveled have been the most trying to get through.  The distance from where you deplane to where you pick up your rental car is like setting out on a mile long expedition. And no there were no four to six passenger go carts tooling along the concourse picking up someone like me who is saying to themselves, "How much further...how much further". I thought Providence was bad, but let me tell you Dayton is far worse.  In booking my flight and evaluating all the options, I knew the airport in Atlanta was going to be a pain, but the flight out of Dayton was delayed due in part to being put on hold by Atlanta, so with 45 minutes between my connecting flight and the second leg of the trip departing from a different concourse from where I arrived wasn't enought time.  So of course, I missed the flight.  I did get a seat upgrade for my troubles, but I got home later than I planned as well.  But I am home....
Now back to the good.
Here are some images of what the ladies in the class and what they did.

Everyone did a background on the first day. Most were what I expected and one was a complete surprise and I loved it.

Here are some of the pieces once the construction of the flower had begun. Sorry I don't have pictures of everyones piece.  



Love, love the red flower on yellow, but you all knew I would.


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Karoda (nickname) said...

Loving them all but particularly the second from the bottom...the light blue against the dark background just pops!