Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flowers: large and really small

I like working in a large format but from time to time I do work small.  Yesterday I spent the entire day working really small after spending two days of being in duh-land waiting for inspiration. A state I find myself in from time to time after I have finished a larger piece. 
I've had this piece on the wall all quilted, block and cropped to the size I think it will finish to for several days.
It still needs facing and you know the other stuff, sleeves and a label.  Those will happen some day when I have nothing more pressing and don't want to sit on the couch being content in duh land.
The color in this image are not true.  Not sure why the yellow background does not show as being a soft mottled yellow.  I haven't put it away yet.  I will live with it on the design wall for a few more days to see if it needs  more shading and highlights in the flowers.  As of now it measures 50" wide by 41".  I also haven't free motioned my name on it because I can not decide if it will have a horizontal or a vertical orientation.   I painted it as vertical but as I as quilting it the horizontal orientation keep poking into my consciousness.
Getting back to the really small.  I was asked to do a tutorial as follow-up to the class I taught in Cincinnati the first of this month.  I ask them to give me a couple of weeks to get it done... well 2 weeks was stretching to 3 so yesterday keeping my word I got down to it and spend the entire day from breakfast to bedtime creating this small piece photographing each step as my way of making sure I was telling and showing them the techniques they asked for.
Small, really small.... 9-1/4" x 9-3/4".  Small but fun and it gave me some insight into two things.  One;why some of us have more than one sewing machine.  Two; how much work writing a book or doing a DVD will be. 
As I created this piece, I used one machine to piece, do machine applique and apply the facing.  I used the other machine to do the free motion quilting.  Have I told you how much I love FM quilting on the 7700.   I really  had thought  I would sell my Janome 6600 after I had it serviced, but as of yesterday I have changed my mind.  I'm keeping it.  The whole of it is, it was so convenient to have both machines set up and ready for the task at hand.  
After all there is only me who lives here in apt # 434. One less machine set up for use all the time won't make where I live look less like a studio. It just affirms my desire to create.

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Dorothy L. Wills said...

I thought I would get rid of my old machine when i got a different one too but I like different features on both. And since I sew at the dining room table, I've found out my kids really enjoy eating on the floor! Lol!!!