Sunday, September 21, 2014

Painting on Dupioni

Here are my latest two pieces.  One is a  new composition and one is one  I have painted so many  times, in so many different colors,  it is possible I could  paint one with my eyes closed.  Mind you, I am not complaining.  They sell, which is what I keep telling myself when I am painting and quilting  6 of them one right after the other.  This one will be my display sample for the pattern I sell for this design.  It's a beginning fabric painter's project.  One that does not seems to challenging for a first try.  
.  I'll be off to Jacksonville on Wednesday.  It is a three day show with preview night on Wednesday which should make for a long day.   , so I have been a little busy organizing and taking inventory of what I have on hand to sell. 
Someone asked if I am still using watercolor paints and soy milk.  Yes I am.  My color palette has changed somewhat and that might account for the more vibrant colors, plus, painting the background complimentary colors  enhances the foreground colors too.  I think too that just doing them has made me a better painter and given me a better understanding of how the colors work together.
I showed you this piece in the last post but here it is quilted.

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