Saturday, May 07, 2016

Derby Day

     You can take the woman out of Kentucky but you can not take Kentucky out of her heart, especially on the first Saturday in May.    I never think of horses or the races any more.  It's been forever that I was conscious of what the name of the most favorite horse running is.  My husband was a racing fan and while I didn't bet do more than let him place a $2 bet on a horse with an interesting name for me I did  attended many races with him in Kentucky and in other States if we happened to be close to a track when we vacationed. 
     Philip read the racing form and I read a book.  One Summer day when we were at the race track in Saratoga, NY I sat in the picnic area at a bench under a tree and hand pieced some of the blocks for this double bed size quilts you see below.   This was one of my first efforts.  It is hand pieced and hand quilted, which is what most quilters did in the early 80's.

     Not sure when I did this one and can't go look on the label to see since I no longer have it.  This was hand appliqued with my hand dyes and  hand pieced border piece border and hand quilted. 


     This one is not for Derby, rather it commemorates  the first time the  Breeder's Cup was held in Louisville, KY.   The Breeders Cup is a fall racing event.  I think they still hold it but  it has been years since I paid any attention to horse racing as I said. 

     I was just feeling nostalgic today as I was up dating my website and came across images of these three quilt and  I let my mind wonder to the connection they have in my life.   So I thought I would share them with you all.  If you bet, I hope you have the winner. 

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kathy loomis said...

I don't go to the track or bet (good thing, as I never choose the favorite, who won yesterday) but we do always pour a drink and watch the Derby on TV. And I do remember that quilt in the middle when you made it!!