Monday, May 23, 2016

I've had the creative dahs

since I returned from a very enjoyable week at the beach in Virginia. It's been a while since I have had this feeling of wondering in the desert without knowing where I was going or in what direction to turn.  I am still working on this piece that has been under the needle for months. 
I think I spoke of getting rid of my website, but changed my mind and updated it instead.  I left out a listing of the workshops I teach because I have not fully made up my mind about if I want to continue doing so, although I do know for sure that I don't like getting on planes  to do so.  I still have one commitment in the Spring of 2017 to do.
     Because I have been stumbling around mentally and creatively, I thought I needed to get back to basics.  Long years ago I did the 12 weeks as set out in the Artist Way and for a long time after I began each day with Morning pages and I did Artist Dates but not once a week as advised.  I have slowly over the last few years gotten out of the habit of doing both.  So today I decided that I would begin again.  I also decided to re-read the book.  One chapter per week.  12 weeks and hopefully a change or a clearer artistic direction.
     I also determined that I like sitting in my front room, the one that faces the street to do my Morning pages  It is a nice bright room and I do love the sunshine. 
     Because I am a fan of Jane Dunnewold I decided to order her newest book.  It came today and I am in a state of joy.  I think it will be a good partner for the Artist Way and how I am trying to deal with my creativity draught. Cab not wait to sit down with a cup of tea  after dinner and begin reading it.  Let's hope there is some insight I can garnish from her words. 
     Another  nice surprise came in the mail today.  It was a package that contained 2 yards of fabric.  There was no explanation in the package for why I got it, but I have a feeling it was sent by a fellow quilt artist who I gave some advise  to about a project she was working on  a couple of weeks ago.  She had a length of this fabric with her and I commented that I liked the pattern, or rather I like all the circles and had thought about buying some for myself  when I saw it in a booth next to mine when I was vending in Venice Beach earlier in the year.  Not knowing then what I would do with it I stopped myself from handing over the bank card. 
Having  it here in the studio, I'm still not sure what I will do with it,  Just looking at it for now is good..

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