Sunday, April 29, 2007

The blahed gave up and went to the movies

This course of action has worked in the past and yesterday I thought I'd see if it worked again. I saw three movies, one right after the other, with just enough tiime for a potty break between. It is rare that I am so lucky that it works out that way when I have decided to see more than one movie in the same day. But yesterday I say "Next" first with Nicholas Cage and enjoyed it but must admit it was my least favorite. Then came "Disturbed" it had me jumping in spots and tingling with suspense. Considering the fact that not one of the actors in the movie was from the Hollywood "A" list, (for the live of me I can not name any of them) was very well done in a creepy sort of way. And lastly, I saw Anthony Hopkins in "Fractured" He always creeps me out every since "Silence of the Lambs" and while it wasn't one of Sir Anthony Hopkins' best works it was good with unforeseen twists.
Of course since I spent most of the daylight hours indoors in the dark, when I got home I was ready for bed and while I tried to leaf through some of my sketch books the old eye lids got heavy and before I knew it I was asleep propped upright in the middle of my bed, on top of the covers, fully clothed before 10 PM. I awoke at 2AM and got undress and got in bed the right way and didn't wake again until I heard the sound of my neighbors lawn mower. AHHHH Sunday morning in the suburbs.
Today the sun is shining. I've had breakfast. The landscaper is here. I'm ending this blog entry and I'm going to the studio.

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