Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm back but then I'm not really back

by that I mean I have returned from my trip to Virginia and teaching for two days to a wonderful group of 24 quilters, 23 women and one guy. It was really fun to be with this group, most of whom I have know for several years. But I am not back to creating new work in the studio yet.
When I left the over the garage storage area was just completed by our contractor. Boy did I underestimate the amount of plywood sub flooring we needed to have installed. What we got is far from enough space to hold everything that is sitting around in the garage. All I wanted left on my side of the garage was my work table where I can dye my fabric and my Gazelle. On Lyn's side would be two shelves that will hold the seasonal decor stuff, for Christmas, Easter, etc. and her treadmill.
But as we were putting stuff up top, we soon realized that we would need at least 5 more 4feet by 8 feet sheets of sub flooring put in. So that will be tomorrows job.
It is raining again. First it was the rain, then the snow, then the rain again and again. Lyn and I both have our doubts as to whether the landscaper will every have enough days of dry weather to come regrade the yard and add top soil before seeding. He had planned to come on Thursday but we had lots of rain late in the day and into Tuesday night.
I spend Tuesday piddling and napping . Had to remake the label for the charity quilt because I misspelled the organizations name in title of the piece. It will get delivered tomorrow, the auction is the 26Th. After making the sticks, I went to run the label through the printer but I couldn't find it. And of course John was at school so I couldn't ask him where he had put it and why was it removed from the computer desk in the first place. It was sitting there when I left so what happened?
Then I pulled from my stash two quilts that will go to the gallery where I will be featured during the month of May along with a wood smith. Have to make sticks for them too.
My studio space is a mess, fabric out of place, scraps on the floor, tools laid all over the place. I left it that way when I left home a week ago and I must do something with this disorder before I can begin to work again. As I have gotten older I have a hard time working in clutter.
I really must give serious thought as to what the body of work I want to make for my solo show in the summer of 2008 at the Carnegie in New Albany, IN will consist of. After all, twelve months is not a long time to get together about 25 to 30 pieces of work. So my nose must really get put against the grind stone and soon. ouch!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you made it back home from visiting us in Virginia. I really enjoyed the workshop!!

5440 AAQG, member