Friday, April 06, 2007

Latest work

Nearly done. I still have to square up and finish the edges, most likely by using a facing rather than binding it. I love using the digital camera and cropping in the Picasa program to see just how much trimming I need to do. This piece was made for an auction that will be held on the 26th of this month to benefit childhood leukemia research and a program for these children here in Columbia. The auction will take place at a dinner that both Lyn and I will attend as the guest of the organizer. A reason to get out of my jeans and t-shirts.
For the next week 10 days I will be working on my teaching materials, class samples and handouts. Good thing I enjoy teaching otherwise I would be a little grouchy knowing I will not be doing anything really creative for at least the next three weeks.
Wishing all a Happy Easter. I've eaten all the Peeps I am allowed to have for this season. I got them when they first hit the stores. Had my fill. I like them really FRESH and now they are getting rather stale.
Winter has returned to Missouri and they are predicting a freeze tonight. I really an ready for Spring to come and stay and the Flowers of May.
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