Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And now for the catch-up

My front garden is still doing well. Most of the bulbs are in bloom with the exception of the Cannes I planted.

I planned a symposium for the Durham, NC area for this summer but did not have enough registered to make the trip and stay there worth the effort so I cancelled it. But three of the ladies that registered said they would come to Columbia if I was willing to teach them here. So I pushed the furniture to the wall and we had a wonderful time. This is a view of my studio space after I removed my sewing machine, a works table and the cutting table. Celeste is who you see in the foreground weaving some strips of fabric for her composition.

Lyn my daughter brought in some 2 x 4 feet tables from one of her class rooms and some desk chairs. And bless her heart, she acted as the chief cook and bottle washer for me. On some days we numbered up to 8 sitting at the table and she and John made 10 to cook for which was only the one day that 4 other ladies from the Columbia area join us. On that day we made stamps, did some foiling, stamping with Seta color paint, sun printed and tried mono printing with a gelatin plate and tried disperse dye transfer which looks great on lutradur. On that same day, Babara Owen a local artist who uses an Embellisher for some of her work brought three machine in for us to try out after she did a brief talk and demo. No she does not own three machine, she brought hers, one she borrowed one from the Bernia dealer were she teaches and one from a friend of hers. Boy those embellishers are FUN, FUN FUN. So much fun, I brought one for myself. Now if only the ideas that are running around in my head come out from under the machine looking like I imagined them. Will let you see when I have created one or two.

No, we still do not have grass, what we grew was a bumper crop of weeds because they forgot to put down the week killer before sowing the seeds and applying the landscape cloth. Some time back I showed you what that looked like. So after the cloth was removed and what we had was more weeds than blades of grass, the whole yard was plowed under AGAIN. Then the rains came and the landscaper hasn't returned. Oh well, we have given up on looking out over an expanse of green that will case the neighbor pangs of envy. Maybe next spring.
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For now I am joyfully home alone as my daughter Lyn and John (the youngest grandson) have gone away to the beaches on the east coast, starting with a brief visit with my youngest son in RI and then down to Virginia Beach and maybe a stop to see her Aunts in Fayetteville, NC.
While the three ladies, (Valarie, Celeste and Brenda) were here they dyed over 60 yards of fabric between them. I have my dye space set up in the garage wight next to the entry door that leads to the laundry room. Very convenient. But working there also lead me to realize that I needed a better storage system than I have out there so today, I went off to the hardware store to get two shelving units to hold the pails, the measuring utensils and etc. So this evening when it cools off out there I will spend some time organizing my dye space again.
The other thing that has been going on with me is my neck and two numb fingers on my left hand. The numbness started last winter while I was sitting in bed knitting a sock. Knitting is what I did at the end of the day to unwind. I put off going to see about the fingers until they were getting on my nerves so my Interist sent me to see and othropedist who put me in cervical traction three times a day for an hour each. Do you know what three hours out of your life can curtail. One curtail thing was blogging. It was blog or work on a quilt and of course the quilt won along with gettng ready for the ladies from Massachuettes to come.
A bit of good news, a gallery in Springfield, MO wants to show my work in that area and plan to feature me in August. A glossy magazine ad and article about the gallery will feature my work I was told if I choose to have them represent me. My gallery here, Bluestem called me because the inquiry had come through them and they are okay with me being in that gallery because of the distance between Columbia and Springfield which is in the far south part of the state. I was conflicted at first since Bluestem has been very good at selling my work. I haven't worked out all of the details or selected the quilts I will sent to them. Told the gallery owner that I would be willing to talk in more depth on Wednesday. Will let you all know who it goes.
I think that is all for now. Oh and the fingers are getting less numb so the traction is working.

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