Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's time to go stretch my neck

but before I do I thought I would put some words on my blog. What to say, hum. Nothing really exciting is happening nor do I have plans for any excitement. I am home alone and loving it for the moment. Who knows how I'll feel in a few days.
I finished cleaning my studio and organized my guest closet/studio supply closet this morning. Don't remember if I told you I was having shelves put in the closet to hold my fabric since the wire baskets were not serving my needs as they had in my condo-studio in Louisville. Well I did, actually it was done on the Fourth of July just before the ladies came for classes.
Independent contractors work on Independence Day and I was glad that he did. He did a wonderful job, will show you shots of the closet as soon as Lyn returns from vacation with my digital camera. Yes I remember she lost my camera the last time she borrowed it. It is only because she is my daughter and only because I love her dearly that I am trusting that she will not lose this one this time. I did not forewarn her not to lose it as I did the with the last one I let her use. Figured I would not tempt fate and jinx her.
I've decided to take down my 10 feet of design wall this afternoon and remove the white felt from it. It looks awful with all the threads and the dust that sticks to it because I have used it as the backdrop when applying 505 adhesive. The felt was a good thing when I worked by putting pieces of fabric up on the wall for consideration, but when the quilt gets layered I have to put pins in it to keep it on the wall, so I am painting them white instead because I remember the two weeks I spend at Nancy Crows Barn, In the barn her design walls for student were not covered with felt and we had to pin every piece of fabric no matter how big or small and I didn't object to that. So for now I am going to give bare and painted white a chance. If I change my mind I can always buy new felt.
Of course I have to go out to buy the paint and I will do that after my neck stretching session.
Another thing, being here alone I am correcting some of the bad dietary habits I have fallen into since moving here. Not enough fish, too much beef and pork. Not enough green veggies and raw veggies. Fruit was never the problem, just too much of it on most days. I love melons, every variety color and type, it is the season after all, I have also been potato and rice-ing too much. So far 5 meals alone and I am doing great.

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