Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just checking in

Did not get as much done as I had hoped. Even alone life seems to find you. And so it was.
Day 1 got the shelves built and the area in the garage cleaned for dyeing.
Day 2, the studio cleaned and organized as will as the studio closet with my new shelves although to look at both now you would not believe the first part of the sentence.
Day 3 (Thursday) Got to work all day without being disturbed. Wonderful
Day 4 (Friday) Two hours of studio time. Left the house which is always a mistake. Went to Lunch with three ladies one of which I knew from the once a month art quilt group (Sally) Two of the ladies wanted to meet me and arrange for me to teach a small group of six here at the house sometimes this fall, So it looks like they will come for two days at the end of October along with three other ladies I do not know. I hadn't eaten at the restaurant where we met but it was really a nice place, just off campus. A mini brewery not that I partake of drink, but the atmosphere was good and so was the salad called Robb Salad, a knock off of the Cobb.
Day 5 Saturday, was working away and got a call from my gallery about calling a professor of women studies at the university who wanted to meet me and invite me to dinner. So I called her and was invited to her house for Sunday dinner along with several of her neighbors and other friend from the university she told me and she said she wanted to talk to me about my quilt making. Worked some more in the studio Then went shopping, first to a book store that sells used books and sat for hours looking through a great selection of art books, leaving there with five. Then I went to a non chain shoe store which I discovered sells my favorite shoes, Earth Shoes, which heretofore, I have had to order on-line from Zappos or drive from Louisville to north of Cincinnati Oh to buy. I brought a pair of red sandals on sale and a pair of Mary Jane's in mahogany, Stopped at the office supply store for ink for the printer and finally at Westlake Ace Hardware where I brought one bar stool, before committing to more for the counter but once home with it determined that I would return it. Both Lyn and I would need a step stool to get up high enough to sit on it.
Day 6, Sunday. Interrupted Studio time Most of the day was spent on the phone talking to Lyn and on the computer with Mapquest as she was trying to navigate through NYC traffic and find her way across the GW bridge to Newark were she had hotel rooms. Then I was being her GPS system as she and the boys and Olivia did the NYC tourist think. Then it was off to dinner at 5:45 that ended at 9:30 and I fell into bed when I got home. Because of the number of people there for dinner I never got a chance to have a conversation with my host. So I still do not know exactly what she wanted me to be there for.
Day 7, Monday The best studio day of all except I did go out to the bank and the store to replenish my fruit supply and I stopped for a Robb Salad and the best tomato mushroom basil soup I have ever eaten, this again at the same restaurant I was at on Friday. Had enough salad left over for dinner because I asked them to add grilled tuna to it this time.
Day 8 Tuesday The original landscaper was dismissed and a new contractor who is really an excavator not landscaper, consulted on grading our yard.
Day 9 Wednesday Contractor began working at 9 am this morning with a crew of five and brought in six loads of dirt to cover the clay. He advised to wait tell September to seed. The yard even though it is all dirt again, looks 100% better. Entertained a lady I had met at the quilt store who more or less invited herself to my house because she was sitting around crocheting and being bored. I wasn't bored, I was being productive. Business card do have their disadvantages. I thought her visit would be a chat about quilting instead her visit turned into me hearing her life story and me finally being able to get enough words in to tell her at mid-night that it was time for me to go to bed.
Day 10 Thursday, they came home and life is back to normal as I know normal I did get two pieces completed. The garden was well attended and is growing beautifully. Put myself on my version of South Beach and feel better, neck traction continues will see what the doctor thinks when I see him on Tuesday. Will be back to having images on my blog, The camera was not lost and came home with them. Hurray.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you, I was hoping your not blogging was because you were being productive. Glad Olivia decided to go on with L and not fly back with R. Believe it or not I will be happy to be free of grandchildren commitments after your boyriend retrives his child. I loved having them but I'm exhausted. Love ja