Friday, August 03, 2007

feeling really dumb

at this moment. I forget to take my camera when I went to teach the first day of a two day workshop. I am teaching at Satin Stitches Quilt Shop here in Columbia. All of 8 miles from the house and I get to sleep in my own bed. Great.
22 registeded for the class and I must say I that all 22 are really lovely ladies that I throughly enjoyed being with. The day pass very quickly.Saat down only once during the class and that was for a quick lunch. Thank God for my Earth Shoes.
So tomorrow, I will take some candid shots of the class and of what they did. Besides finishing a small piece and starting a rather larger one since I last posted
I have had my head in a book when I needed some down time from getting ready for this class. I read Harry Potter 6 which I had put off reading until book seven came out. I hadn't planned to read book 6 or 7 preferring to wait until the movies were made, but there was so much talk about book seven and how it ended that I had to read them. I didn't read the other 5 , just a few chapter in book one to see if it was appropriate for the grandsons which I deemed it was. I have seen all of the movies howver including the latest one, but fearing someone would tell me how the saga ends before the movies caught up with the last two books I thought it best that I read it now. I am half way through book 7 turning and reading each page as fast as I can. I think my eyeballs have at least 30 more minutes before they need to close for the night so off I am going to read some more.

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