Monday, August 06, 2007

When I got up this morning and started to work

in my studio after collecting and organizing the dozen plus one quilts I was taking along with me to show as I did not talk to the Booneslick Guild this afternoon, I didn't for the life of me think I was going to sell a quilt. BUT I DID. Not only did I sell one, I sold the last one I finished this morning or nearly finished. It had no sleeves or a label. Yes it did have my free motioned machine stitched signature on the front in the lower right corner. But no label and no sleeves, aaarrrrggg!
The lady who wanted it called her husband to come to the church meeting room to write the check which he did adoringly. She assured me she knew how to put a sleeve on a quilt and would do so right away because she was going to hang it in her living room as soon as she did.
I also do not have an image of it either. The nice check in my hand isn't quite making up for the fact that I do not have a picture of the quilt. Not yet, maybe later. I keep telling myself there have been quite a few other quilts of mine before digital camera and before I really cared about documentation that I have no images of either, so get over it.
I hope someone at the meeting has a picture I can get them to e-mail to me. I hope I hope I hope.
Next time I will think twice when I am having the following conversation with myself before taking one of my pieces out of the house. "Don't bother taking the batteries out of the charge and putting them in the camera. You can take pictures of it when you get back home or before it goes off to the gallery." WRONG!
I stopped at the market on the way home from the meeting and the cashier asked how my day had been so far and I said, GREAT!

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Karoda said...

Congratulations Juanita! Has this been a very good year for your in sales?