Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The girls at art

I hadn't seen very much of my young friend Sonia for weeks because of her schedule and mine, so I decided that I would reserve this week for her to come play in my stuff. As it happened a new pre-teen girl moved into the house that backs up to mine and I introduced them to each other. Alyssa(sp) and Sonia came on Tuesday at 10 and left at 2:30 after trying their hands at disperse dye painting. After their painting were dry, I transferred them to a variety of 100% polyester fabrics including a bridal weight satin, lutradure and organza as well as a poly cotton. The first image is of Lissa and her painting on Tuesday. I do not have a shot of Sonia because of camera battery trouble again which I solved by buying some Duracell's. I'll worry about replacing my rechargeable later since they are not holding a charge for any length of time anymore.
We take a break at noon, more because I need it than they do at which time we stop and have a sit down lunch. I have been entertained by the scariest stories that two 10-11 year olds can tell. They seem to delight in out storying the other. God, I don't remember reading or telling this kind of stuff to an adult when I was 10.
These are shots from today. They were painting with Seta-color, they did some sun printing and tried their hands at machine quilting with a walking foot. They also did some rubbings using Prisma color stick and texturizing plates. Tomorrow they want to do some free motion which Sonia is already very good at doing.
Alyssa is a new sewer, but in no time she had my spare machine humming,knew how to follow the numbers to thread it and was quite adapt at changing from one decorative stitch to another on my old trusty Janome manual machine.
I think I'll let them play with the embellisher too tomorrow.

No more wet stuff for at least a day or two. I was prepared for spills, none came. And I covered them up pretty good with a couple of my t-shirts, but they were nearly spotless when they were done today at 2:30. And I was ready for a nap.
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