Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's doing

Part of sun dial in Rose Garden

A view inside the one room school house in the Shelter Garden

Last week I kept myself chained to the sewing machine quilting, quilting, quilting and listening to books on tape. I went to the library twice and I have gone through 10 books as of this morning and I still have at least 1/4 more to go before the quilting is completed. This newest work measures approxmately 60" x 72". Will show you an image of it when it is done, very unlike my other stuff, but still in keeping with my favorite subject, nature and flowers. I finally got to walk through the Shelter Garden, (Shelter Insurance Company Home Office) The garden is open to the public, people get married on the grounds by the waterfall and at the gazebo. It is a place of interest and pride in Columbia. At Christmas the grounds in front of their office if decorated wonderfully. In the gardern ia an original one room school house preserved and reminding me very much of the place where I attended school from Kindergarten to 2nd grade.
It did my heart good and my camera clicking was very happy, as I snapped picture after picture of flowers and foliage and texture as I walked through the garden along winding paths that take you from one water fall to another and koi ponds with water lilies to the English type garden at the school door to the Memorial garden and rose garden and the gazebo and garden with hanging plants and under trellises to a shade garden with statuary. Even on the hottest day of the year there were benches placed along side the paths that beckoned you to come sit and contemplate which I did several times along the pathway. At one point the breeze made me want to stay for hours. But other errants needed attending to so I pulled myself away after an hour.
It has been really hot here as has most of the Midwest and no rain to speak of.
I ordered Photoshop Elements but have not taken time to really see what it can do on my own, John the grandson, looking over my shoulder said do this and do that and you know if you do this you can do that and this and this and that. Man oh man kids today :) I need to keep him around a little while longer and maybe with his help I'll get this program down pat without having to read the manual.
I did take some time out yesterday when the house was quiet to look at my other acquisition, Deconstructed Screen Printing by Kerr Garbowski. I could hardly contain myself, I was ready to go in search of silk screens and make print paste and a printing surface. I was pumped, primed, itching.
I halted.
It was late, Hobby Lobby and Michael's was closed and while I know where the top of the blender is I don't know if I can readily put my hands on the base or the print paste mix although I know they are around here some where.
Plus, when reality set in, it did do very firmly, "You need to get that quilt in the studio finished."
So that is my objective for the next 2 days. Get it done. AND THEN.......

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Anonymous said...

Dear Juanita,

You are an extremely talented artist. I really ooooooed and aaaaaahhhed over your quilts and perhaps one day I will be able to take one of your classes. Awesome...really there are no words...I'll try one more... magnificent! (but how the French say it) LOL Pam in Philly