Thursday, August 09, 2007

The girls today

Sonia is very creative. I gave her general instructions on how to make a log cabin block and this is what she did with those instructions. Of course she has been with me long enough to know that I do not criticize or correct her thinking process or interject me into what she is doing only to the extent of trying to make her aware of craftsmanship.
I put a selection of fabrics on the table for them to use as well as dumping my scrap basket. Then they discovered my fabric closets and I wish I'd had a picture of them hugging the shelves. They were actually drooling over the colors of the fabrics and wanted to immediately come live in the closet. )Funny)

Alyssa's piece is more of what a log cabin block could look like if someone knew what they were doing but since she didn't it has a very free feel to it. With more attention paid to ironing there is promise and future fiber-art people in the making.
Today they ate without talking to much as they were anxious to get back to their sewing machines and since I simply sat and watched their little brains and hands work I think I'll go to the studio and get some work of my own done now instead of heading for the bed and a nap that I really needed yesterday.
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DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I have been having so much fun reading about the "girls" in your studio. I only have boys and wish I could share my art and studio with someone younger. My Mom taught me how to sew, knit and needlepoint and was great at it all. You are giving these girls a great gift!!!

Karoda said...

How fun!!! I'm going to predict by next summer you'll have more teen girls...once school starts and the word gets out about how cool you are and then there will be a fiber exhibit of youth in Columbia :)

Gerry said...

Juanita, you are an Angel.

These girls will remember you and your generous spirit forever.

And, Karoda is right ! ! Pre-teen girls could be lined up by this time next year! !