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Juried Exhibition and Workshop dates

Creatively Speaking
Curator Juanita Yeager of Columbia, Missouri
All accepted work must be available from May 15, 2008 to November 15, 2008 for the following two juried exhibition of Quilts, Quilted Collages, Art fabrics and Ceramics. The first exhibit June to August 2008, for the Ohio Valley Art League, OVAL Gallery, Henderson, Kentucky with include art fabric and ceramics by Elmer Lucille Allen, Louisville, Kentucky and the second, exhibit is in the Jackson Hall Art Gallery at Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky , September to October, 2008

This competition is open to all with African Heritage ,age 18 or older and living in the United States.
1. There is no minimum size, but work can not exceed 72” in length or width.
2. There is not theme or entry fee.
3. The name of everyone or the group who worked on the piece must be listed on the entry form.
4. No kits, or commercial patterns, no large scale pre-printed images that exceed more than 25% of the total surface.
5. Entries limited to three per person.
6. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope to return slides, DVD or photo-images and shipping instructions for accepted work.
7. Label slides, photos and or DVD with your name and the name of the work depicted.
8. Work for both gallery locations can be for sale or for exhibit only.
9. Quilted Fabric collage for this exhibit is defined as any work that is composed primarily of fabric, but may include paper, found object and non traditional quilt media, such as paint, foiling, tyvek etc.
10. Work my be framed without glass or stretched. Hanging devise must be attached.
11. A quilt for this exhibit is defined as any work composed of three layers held together with either decorative or functional stitches done either by hand or machine
12. All accepted work must have sleeves for display rod.
13. Any work that differs significantly from the submitted and accepted image will not be displayed.

Address any questions to :
Juanita Yeager 573-446-6423
Send competed form and visuals to : Juanita Yeager/Creatively Speaking
5500 Satinwood Court,
Columbia, MO 65203
Post marked on or before March 1, 2008

Name(s): __________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________
Telephone NO. ____________________ E-mail ______________________
Entry #1Name of work _____________________________________________________
Size _________________ Date completed _________________

Description of work, include construction technique(s) and story related to work if any. Use back of this page if additional space is needed.

Entry #2 Name of Work _______________________________________________
Size _________________ Date completed _________________

Description of work, include construction technique(s) and story related to work if any. Use back of this page if additional space is needed.

Entry #3 Name of Work _______________________________________________
Size _________________ Date completed _________________

Description of work, include construction technique(s) and story related to work if any. Use back of this page if additional space is needed.

Mastering the Quilted Surface
A series of Workshops with Juanita Yeager for the beginner and the more advanced
Columbia Missouri

Dates: March 16 to 22 7 days Fee: $1,000.00 * 6 openings
July 5 to 11 7 days Fee: $1,000.00 * Closed
July 14 to 18 5 days Fee $800.00 * 6 openings
Nov. 1 to 8 7 days Fee $1,000.00 * 6 openings

*This fee includes all supplies, except sewing machine and any personal favorite quilt making tools or gadgets you want to bring. All fabric for instructional sessions is supplied including fabric for dyeing and other surface design techniques. Those traveling by air may send their machines and supplies ahead by USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS

Meals: Lunch ,Dinner and afternoon tea beginning with Dinner on arrival day are included in fee
Travel: Shuttle service on MOEX from Airport in Kansas City or St. Louis will be arranged and individualized according to each participants needs as will hotel accommodations. Although a room will be reserved for you the cost of lodging is not included in fee. Please advise if you want single or double occupancy during your stay.

The exact schedule of daily event is being finalized, however here are a list of topics that will be addressed during the March 16-22, July 14-18th and Nov. 1-8 session.

Surface design (screen printing, mono-printing, stamp making and stamping, foiling and discharge)
Discussion and use of mixed media for art quilts, (Shiva sticks, acrylic paints, inks, crayons, markers)
Design and Composition
Color theory
Quilt Construction techniques including batting, stabilizers and edge finishing techniques
Free motion and straight line machine quilting
Procion MX dyes for natural fibers and Disperse Dyes for man-made fibers
My small groups workshops are more flexible, therefore, if you register and there is some process or , technique you want to learn let me know and I will arrange to address it during the session.

Payment schedule: Partial payments are acceptable however
Full payment is required by February 1, 2008 for March session. June 1, 2008 for both July sessions
And October 1, for the November session.

Return this portion with $100.00 non-refundable deposit.

Street Address:
E-mail Address:
City State Zip
Session attending
Single or double room accommodations :

* Please advise of any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

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