Saturday, August 04, 2007

Some candid shots from my workshop.

at the Satin Stitches Quilt Shop. There would have been more if I had remembered to charge the batteries. Which I didn't and the camera shut down.
The last picture is the project they were working on.
On Monday I am speaking to the Boonslick Quilt Guild, the day meeting group. The topic, my floral quilts if you hadn't guessed. I will bring some actual quilts, both old from the beginning of my quiltmaking years some from the middle years and one or two of my later ones, both the realistic ones as well as some from my Round Flower Series which I return to from time to time. Lyn my daughter and her lap top will help me fill in the gap with some images of quilts I no longer have through the use of Power Point.
I have finished Harry Potter Seven and now I am off to work in my studio for a while.



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