Thursday, August 23, 2007

My latest works

This is a small piece that is the class sample for a Quilt Guild in Illinois where I will be teaching a quick version of my "Flowers on a grand scale" workshop. I am also the luncheon speaker in October. This piece measures 12" x 22".
This is a larger piece measuring 67" wide by 54" long. Constructed entirely with my own hand dyed fabric. I've been quilting it since last week and was the project I went back to after the week of having the girls in for art week. It still needs to be faced and have sleeves and a label applied which I will do before it leaves the house. After seeing it as a photo image, I think I will work back into it with some Prisma pencils and fabric markers. Will let you see what that looks like when I'm done with it and happy with the results.
This is a close up of the quilting
Yesterday and the day before, I spent the mornings in the garage making six silk screen from stretcher bars and lengths of polyester curtain sheer fabric. My hands are complaining today (using the heavy duty stapler). I think I will invest in an electric one if I ever decide that the screens need replacing in the future. As anyone who knows me knows I do not do anything small so four of the silk screens I plan to use once I am comfortable with the process of Deconstructed Screen Printing are as large as I think I can handle by myself. 24 x 48, 22 x 40, 32 x 36 and 24 x 34 . The actual screen sizes are somewhat smaller after they are Duct Taped. Of the six I did make two small ones measuring 18 x 18 and 10 x 10 which I will use for practicing the technique.
I mixed my print paste two evenings ago so it is ready and this morning I will soda ash soak some fabric, let it air dried in the garage and make up some dyes. But first I have to make a run to the hardware store to get some rope and clothes pins. Or one of those folding clothes dryers. Hope to have some examples of what I am doing in a day or so.
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Dale Anne said...

Your sample for your "Flowers on a grand scale" workshop is absolutely FABULOUS!!!
And, your other piece is looking TERRIFIC....

Anonymous said...

Love the flower, but why are the stamens floating out of the flower. Inquiring minds want to know. Never seen it happen, have I missed something. Miss you! Non-Artist