Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't look for me for several days -possibly- a week.

Home alone, wearing the perfect artist garb (read further) and a fresh design wall (read further) and ideas coming at me from several directions. I am going to be working. On what, I don't know at this moment.
Maybe I'll work on some ideas I have that require stamping or mono-printing some fabric or work through some ideas I have for using the Embellisher,or maybe I'll finish one or both of the two quilts that were started three weeks ago before I got side-tracked with my in house classes. I don't know.
What ever I decide after I get off the computer being home alone wearing comfy clothes and having fresh design wall all have a great deal to do with my state of mind and my planned enjoyment of the next few days.
Some time we learn something because we go in search of the knowledge and sometimes by faith or happenstance it falls into our laps. The home alone thing I can't take any credit for with the exception that saying to Lyn and John and having them agree that someone had to stay home to take care of the front garden seemed to work and was accepted very well by all the others who are now in a six passenger van making their way toward New England and later down to Virginia Beach in search of sun and their version of fun.
It was faith I think in the instance of finding the perfect for me wearing apparel. I love large over sized t-shirts to both sleep in and work in, in the house and I found the ideal t-shirt after I moved to Columbia, one of the grand boys t-shirts got in with my clothes and so it came with me. It was a size XXXXL-TALL by Champion. Now mind you at 150 pound soaking wet believe me, this grandson is NOT a size 4X, Tall yes at over 6 feet he's a bean pole with shoulders, but you know kids today think it is COOL to were extra large baggy clothes. In this case only, I thank goodness. Now I did not tell said grandson I had his t-shirt when I discovered it amongst my things least he'd want it back. But having lived in the shirt an average of once a week for a year, and seeing that it was losing it pristine whiteness due to excessive wearing the thought that I would soon have to send it to the rag bag sent me in search of another one. Having no luck on-line or at the Mall I had no choice put to ask him where he got it. Of course by now, after a year of me wearing it I felt reasonably sure he was not going to ask me to send it back to him. When I mentioned to my daughter that I was going to call Justin to ask where he got his T because I had looked everywhere she laughed as said, she knew where to get them. GREAT!!!
Champs, she said, the store for male jock and least I seem sexist, gal teens too, but not as a rule, grandmothers. I was surprised to find that they are reasonablly priced too. Three for less than $20 dollars so I brought 9, 2 in navy , 2 red, 2 black and 3 white ones. They come to my knees for in house wear and with a pair of shorts or jeans I can leave the house in a hurry if need be. AHHH.
The second thing was happenstance. My design wall looks great and is begging for some fabric to be put on it for consideration. I know I said yesterday that I was just going to paint the 2 inch thick blue foam sheets. I did, but after removing the felt that had been in place on some panels for over 6 years I discovered a million pin pricks that refused to be hidden under two coats of white paint. Plus, despite the two coats of paint there remained just a hint of the blue color underneath and that wasn't good. So off to Wal-mart I went at 10:45 PM last evening in search of more felt or flannel for the 5 - 24 inch sections. What has always bothered me when I have covered these panels in the past is the fabric waste. Both flannel and felt come in widths that leave a goodly amount of excess that I have yet to find a use for. As I strolled through the fabric department I happened upon some Pellon ultra-firm heavy weight stabilizer that was 27" wide; a mix of polyester and rayon and it was a bargain at $1.44 a yard. For less than $5.00 per panel I was able to cover the design wall. I used Duck tape to secure the overhanging edges to the sides and back of the panels. Now my wall is clean/pristine and despite me thinking I was going to have to pin every thing in place I discovered that fabric will adhere to the stabilizer covered surface.
So for now I'll say, to you what my 6 year old grand daughter says to me instead of good-by. "See you later alligator", to which I reply, "After while crocodile"


Karoda said...

Hi Juanita, happy to hear about your comfy new clothes and studio all means something really good is going to come out of your studio in the next few weeks :)

And can I just say, I was a little bit envious of the women who came to learn from you!

Mrs. Mel said...

I so want to live in those loose tshirts!
What a great idea to cover your wall with the Pellon stabilizer. Brilliant!