Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just so you know

I haven't fallen down a hole or anything,since the last time I posted but for what it is worth I have been busy, first teaching a class on Monday of this week and then doing a dye workshop here at the house for six ladies and then I had to clean up that mess and get stuff out for the two day workshop I just came home from that I took. It was interesting and just as in any workshop sometime we learn as much what we like and will do in the future as well as what we will never do. This workshop was on designing art quilts and working in a series.
This approach to making art quilts begins by using a digital photo image provided by the instructor, which she had printed in gray scale using Photoshop. From there we painted three pieces of paper all the same size, but varing the look of the painting by being really loose with the painting. The paint color we used was determined by a piece of fabric we brought to the workshop that we would use in all three pieces in order to make the set cohesive.
Then using both the colors and the images found in old magazines we collaged abstractly our digital image. The those paper and painted collages were color copied. That was yesterday.
Today working with the three color copies of the collaged image we were to interpret those images in fabric using what every method we liked in the construction of the three small (11"-17"). Our instructor uses primarily commercial fabric in her work which gaves her a lot of visual texture. And she does raw edge collaging of fabric with free motion zig-zag. Not at all what I would call applique.
I like the process of using Photoshop. A program I have had for some time now without having used it. However, since the workshop wasn't on how to use the program I had to call a friend for him to walk me through the steps to get the gray scale images she had us working with. Of course none of the images she had were flowers and I was hard pressed to find something that spoke to me. But I will be going into my photo album looking at some of the floral images I have collected from my own garden and Marti's garden and the Shelter garden to see what I can now do with them.
But since I really didn't produce anything as a result of the two days. And those of you who know me well know I rarely produce anything in a workshop. Therefore, I am itching to get my hands into doing something productive and creative so I am going to spend some time in the garage making a screen to deconstruct tomorrow. Will let you see what I accomplish.

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