Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Someone wanted to know

what the tables I like look like. So here are images of the two in my studio space. As I was taking the pictures I realized that the legs are different and I guess it is like everything else in the world. "things change" The tops are made of different materal and although I had wanted the top of the new one to look like the top of the older one, the wood finish was not in stock, so I settled for the white formica type top instead. Which in the long run doesn't matter since it will in most cases be covered with my ironing surface which measures 33" x 64 inches or the large cutting mat you see part of which measures 60" x 32".
The wood looking table sits behind my sewing machine cabinet to hold the weight of larger work and measures 63" x 31.5 inches. The newest table is a little smaller 59" x 29.5 inches. All in all what I like best is the fact that the tables are sturdy and the legs are adjustable from approx 25 inches high to about 38 inches. The one behind the sewing machine is at 29 inches to match the height of the sewing cabinet and the one I will use for cutting and pressing measures 36" which is the right height for me in shoes. Ikea had a variety of different adjustable legs, and in different colors red, black and the metallic grey that I choose. The tops also come in a variety of lengths and widths. For those of you not fortunate enough to life within driving distance of an IKEA they do ship, but I would buy only the legs (they are sold separately in a pick the top, pick the legs, a mix and match thing) and get wood for the top closer to home, because before I realized how close my brother's house was to the IKEA in Woodbridge, VA I was going to have that first table top and leg units shipped. I COULD NOT AFFORD THE FREIGHT. It was more than the cost of the table and legs.
Another good thing, At cutting table height, those wire basket/rack units with wheels fit nicely under the table too if you have fabric storage space issues in your sewing area. I will show you an image of the third table with a different adjustable leg system that is in the dye area in the garage the next time bloggger will let me up load an image. It's being testy again and won't let me do it now.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I will go to IKEA very soon to make a purchase.

Sheila from Arizona