Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Picking up from yesterday

Here are a few images of the class and just a few of the 47 quilters who attended my class. I remember in the old day when Mary Ellen Hopkins taught to a ballroom full of people. You know, I never aspired to that kind of a situation but found myself in one very close. I still think it was fun but there is no way to teach to that many without a kit and a step by step instructional booklet.
As I said, John and Lyn saw the sites and I want bore you with all the images of tall building that John snapped. He has a thing for buildings. And because he does, we stopped in Springfield, IL on the way home to see the Dana-Thomas House a Frank Lloyd Wright Commissioned residence that was very interesting but reaffirmed my happiness with living in this time period and not some 100 years ago when rooms were poorly lighted and Frank's furniture while interesting fell more in line with austere torture rather than graceful comfort. Sorry, we have no pictures of the house interior and grounds since camera's were forbidden we left the camera in the car.
I am off to teach a class at the quilt shop today and I did get my studio back in order and the dying area in the garage is clean and I ordered dyes this morning since I am running low on some of my favorite ones. I'll place an order for PFD fabric in a short while, to replace what I dyed for the Chicago class kits.

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