Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Booneslick Quilt Guild bi-annual

quilt show opened today. My daughter Lyn and I made our way leisurely through it at about 1:30 pm. It was comfortably crowded and we were told that we had selected the right time slot to come. They said it was very busy earlier in the day.
I love traditional quilts. I cut my quilt making teeth on them, so to speak. But haven't made one in a long long time. Just remembering how much I enjoyed hand quilting my quilting finger, you know the one you put your thimble on, got a little twitchy when I passed by a quilt put up in a frame with chairs placed on either side, just waiting for someone to sit down and put in some stitches. I held my right hand tight and had Lyn laughing when I told her to look out, there may be a big quilting frame sitting in the middle of the living room in a few days with me sitting there instead of putting up the Christmas tree.
I have yet to make myself a quilt for my bed and really have no plans to do so. Because it would take a burning desire and an irresistible pattern in colors that make my heart sing, at this time in my life to get me to sit and quilt a king size quilt by hand, for that is the only kind I want to sleep under. You see I am a bed quilt snob.
There is nothing like a cheery 1930's style pastel quilt or the charm of a traditional quilt made of red and white school house blocks. This one reminded me of the first time I saw one way back in 1983 or 84 at the Vermont Quilt Festival. I believe this block is still that show's logo. I didn't find any quilt that had the look of an Amish quilt, another favorite style of mine, but here are three of the ones that I liked best in the show. The first shot is just looking down one of the aisles.
The show has grown since I first attended during one of my earliest visits to see Lyn soon after she had moved to Columbia, MO six plus years ago. There were more vendors and more quilts this year than in the past.
It amazes me that no matter how much stuff I have for quilt making there is always something a litter "newer" to be found at a quilt show and since I haven't attended one of the major shows in a very long time; there's no telling what goodies I've been missing. In all honestly I tried not to look too hard as I made my way around the show floor, but I couldn't miss seeing a square up ruler that was being made and marketed by a local shop owners son. (local as in a shop in the state of Missouri a little southeast of Kansas City) as opposed to from elsewhere. I brought one and I brought a ruler rack. The ruler rack was from another vendor who was selling hand made wooden items including some very well crafted mirrors.
You know the type of ruler rack I'm talking about. A finished piece of wood with groves to sit your various size rulers in.... in an organized manner. Had thought of getting one on numerous occasions but didn't. It was only $10.00 for the largest one so I couldn't pass it up.
Now where oh where can I find an unoccupied horizontal surface in my art space large enough to put it.
Now that I know more people in Columbia, it was very nice to run into so many of them and say hello to those I haven't seen in a while.

Why did I like this quilt. Can't you guess....... It has flowers lots of flowers.

You might not think of me as a fru, fru kind of gal, but I can see this one on my bed, if only it was king size and it was hand quilted as many of them in the show were.

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Caron said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful quilts! I'm with you... kinda traditional myself, and love hand quilting.

Also love your blog! Keep it up!