Sunday, November 30, 2008

My 36 hour trip and and the tales thereof

I arrived in Louisville on Thursday literly in time to have dinner. James, my baby brother picked me up at the airport at 2:25PM and we drove to the church whose gathering room we had borrowed for the occasion. When dinner was done I spent some time at my Mom's house sitting and talking to her and my youngest sister Vivian and her youngest daughter Ochia before they dropped me off at the Hotel where I stayed the night.
Ochia is in the tenth grade and is taking a photography class. Here she is holding her grandfather's camera. My Dad was a camera "NUT" he owned dozens of them and only brought the best. I have a brother who loves old camera but as collectible items. He did not get my Dad's shutterbug tendencies and neither did I, But Ochia never stopped clicking the entire day and says she loves taking pictures.
While I was in Louisville for 27 hours, I became part of the Black Friday crowd. Being out and amongst the Christmas shoppers wasn't what I had planned, but my friend Kathy Allen who has lost weight (she's trying with diet and exercise). Said everything she owns, just hangs on her and she needed something a little festive to wear to a wedding that day and to the reception immediately following. So she drove into the city and picked me up at the Hotel and we went out into the throngs. Our first stop at Catherine's; a woman's clothing store wasn't bad. But when we tried to get into Macy's. That was quite a different story. The parking lot was full and we joined the parade of cars that circled the lot until we happened upon someone pulling out. After all that we didn't have any luck finding what she had in mind to wear. Back to the car we went.
From the bank parking lot adjacent to Macy's I was passed off to my other friend named Kathie and we drove back into the city to meet up with my grandson Justin and Callie, his girl friend to have lunch at a very nice and locally owned Third Street Cafe. My new love in food is tomato basil soup and Greek salads which I can't seem to get enough of. I was happy to see both on their menu and that's what I ordered.
Several weeks ago I had promised Callie and Justin that I would make them some throw pillows for their sofa, chaise combo. So with about 3-1/2 hours before my flight, we met Callie at Hancock's Fabrics after she dropped Justin off at work to select her fabric. I will be making a total of six pillows for them, 2-27", 2-24" and 2-20". I had forgotten that on Friday after Thanksgiving Hancock has a great percent off sale. So the fabric was nicely priced. I didn't think to buy sewing machine needles to add to my own supplies, drat, double drat!!
From there and with about 2 hours before my flight we went to a yarn shop called Sophies. Let me add Sophies is the friendliest place. I was hugged and patted and told I had been missed.
My friend Kathie Klueber has falling in love with knitted lace patterns so she was in search of some yarn to make a shoulder wrap and I was just looking.
I knit, but I'm not passionate about it and I really don't need more yarn. Plus I was traveling with a knitting project so I didn't need another project to keep me entertained while waiting at the airport or in flight.
But I CAN NOT RESIST COLOR. Let me tell you - a yarn shop is the right place to be if you are all about color as I am. Color was everywhere and there was the added benefit of good conversation, seeing quite by chance another old friends and you can touch and squeeze the yarn until your heart's content.
Good thing it was the end of the month and my discretionary spending budget had taken a hit with my last minute decision to go to Louisville for dinner otherwise I would have been tempted into doing some damage to my checking account. However...
I did pick two balls of yarn and a set of the short 4" double pointed needles used to make sock and mittens.
Almost two years ago I gave away my collection of double pointed needles. I prefer to knit socks the magic loop way with one circular needle. But those who knit are like those who quilt. We see something new and we just have to try it.

I'll let you know how I and these little short needles get along.

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