Saturday, November 15, 2008

A circle of friends

with interest in common is one way to get your creative juices flowing again. This is what I have determined after two days of a five day workshop that my art quilt group here in Columbia, MO scheduled for ourselves with Linda Walburn.
Like most groups everyone in this one has different interest, skill levels and ways of working and while this workshop has been heavy on technique so far it has been centered around intent.
Intend seems to be the new in word with artist these days. (an observation and not a criticism).
Our intent as artist. Our intent as it relates to our work, our art.
If any of you who read my blog, has taken a David Walker workshop Linda begins her day and ours as a group in somewhat the same fashion as David. Centering, quieting, being in the place with your art, you cloth and the materials you are using.
This meditative call out to the universe letting all know you are now becoming your artist self and signalling you openness to creative thoughts and inspirations is a very different approach for me but not uncomfortable, just different.
The quiet time she ask for and gets as we are charged with completing a new task have been great. As some of you know too that sometimes in workshops and classes the chatter among friend and table mates can get to be so intrusive that creativity goes out the window. At least that has been my experience. I guess my need for quiet in order to think is because I am so used to alone time --- solitude and quite when I am working --- trying to create in a workshop situation has always been a trial for me.
I left my camera in the car and I am being lazy. So I will upload some images from the class tomorrow.

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