Sunday, December 14, 2008

I had a "I'm going to the movies day" today

It's been awhile since I've done so, mainly because there hasn't been any movies that have peeked my interest. Today I can not say I was overly enthused about going out. A winter weather advisory had been issued for our area. (freezing rain, changing to snow) it just was that Lyn was having people in for a meeting about which I didn't ask and had no interest in sticking around to find out. And I figured if I could get home before dark, I could beat the rain. The temperature for the last several days has been in the mid to upper 50's and surely I thought the temperature wouldn't drop fast enough to cause the roadways to free in a few hours.

So out the door I went to see two movies, the newest 007 flick and Australia.

I enjoyed both very much. The Bond movie was fast paced and I do like the new Bond, he's ever so much more manly than all of the other Bond actors have been. I didn't miss the more debonair air of the others.

Australia was set in a time just before Pearl Harbor. It was far the most part a predictable love and hero saves the day story , however the writers interwove a second story line that chronicled the Australian social issues of the time. It's always good to learn some history along with your popcorn and soda. Both of which cost nearly as much as the two movie tickets together.

The rain began to fall just as I left the theater and began freezing on the car as I turned into the subdivision.

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Michelle Yeager said...

Hey Aunt Juanita,

I wanted to see you all a Christmas card but realized I didn't have your address. I hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

Michelle Yeager