Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

to one and all who drop by from time to time to see what I am up to. To you I wish you a very creative year with only a few brief periods when there is nothing of interest on your design wall.
I have this same wish for myself because for months there has been nothing of interest on mine and I plan to rectify this very soon.

The only thing going on with me that is related to quilts is I am working on hand out material for some classes I will be teaching next week in Louisville. Someone thought teaching would be a good thing for me to do while I was in the area anyway helping to get Form Not Function the art quilt exhibit hung at the Carnegie Center for Art and History. Last year I traveled over just to hang the show on Monday of opening week but did not hang around for the opening reception on that Friday.
This year, I committed myself to hanging around a little longer and as a result picked up two days of teaching. (I am happy to say I have enough people interested that the classes are a go) So it was suggested that I add another class for Friday, since the reception doesn't start until 6:30PM (I think) at any rate with nothing else on my agenda for the day, I agreed. So back to the desk I went to produce more paper.
I know a lot of people make verbal or written resolution for themselves this time of year. I don't as a rule, but this morning I decided that I would set three goals for myself for the coming 365 days.
The first one is I will adopt a healthier way of living, which I determined for myself will be (A)) making wiser eating choices and (B) engaging in some physical activity that will increase my heart rate and hopefully burn some of the more than I need to live calories that finds their way into my mouth.
The second one focuses on the fact I love to create but I have a hard time staying on tract so if I don't have a destination for at least two to three or four of the pieces I make during a year and more important, a deadline, I divert my creative energies into other directions like knitting or I simply veg out and play free cell on the computer for hours. That said, I decided my goal for the coming year is to find at least 4 juried art shows or art quilt exhibits to submit my work to and write at least three proposals for solo exhibits in various venues that will require me to create new work using two techniques I have been looking forward to getting into more, (dye painting and screen printing).
And the last of the three: Rededicate myself to daily journaling. Every morning for years I sat down with a cup tea or coffee to drink; a pen and paper in the form of a bound book called the Everyman's Journal I get from to journal. Journaling during those years was so helpful in sorting out my life and setting daily goals. Journaling was so much a part of my life that on days when I didn't do it the day felt off . My journals were not pretty, my penmanship awful, at times unreadable almost as soon as my pen tip lifted from the page. My journals were the place I dumped everything that was bugging me. On pages after page the journal was where I parked my anger, dumped my disappointments, spilled my grief, whined, cursed and praised God and I was a better person for it. My journals were not keepers. I tossed them as soon as the last page was filled. Any insightful thoughts or ideas about my art I garnished while writing each morning was transposed to my sketch books or studio journal at the end of my journaling session. I must say some really great idea came during those journaling sessions. Because of the personal nature of my writings, I've told my children under no circumstances were they to read it, if I didn't before I drew my last breath throw away the last journal I was writing in.

Just before I moved I stopped journaling each morning. I can give you a dozen different reasons why I did, one of which was, I started blogging. But dispite me liking to blog, blogging and journaling are not the same thing. Blog entries are public thoughts that are filtered and self censored. Journal entries on the other hand if the are meant to be helpful to the person doing the journaling, should not be. However by blogging what I found was, I can free think and write much faster by typing than I can with a pen and paper. So getting to the end of this long narrative, my last goal is to is create a new blog site for myself, not connected to my current one, that will be just contain just the thoughts that have about my life and where I am in my life; a private dumping place so to speak. I haven't decided what to call it. But suffice it to say whatever I title it I'm no telling. I will use it to tract my first goal and document my progress. So you want think you will be missing anything, here is an example of what will be on my blog, Pictures of what I eat, the calorie count of what I eat, my time on the treadmill, my starting weight and my current body measurements, boring stuff, right. Right!

More than likely, the next time I post on this blog it will be from Louisville. I'll take some pictures and give you a workers view of the Form Not Function exhibit and images from my classes and my trip in general.


Karoda said...

Happy Fabulous New Year to you Juanita!!!

Penny Sisto is doing a particpatory/demo at a gallery on Frankfort on the 11th...I believe that is the Saturday after the FNF reception...the fee is 25.00 bucks. I think I'm going...will decide in the next day or so.

I too need to have health goals, specifically, exercise. But honestly my committment isn't there. Did I ever give you that book by Julia Cameron (I think that is her name, the woman who wrote the Artists Way)...she did one on walking and journaling...I think I did send it to you...if not, let me know and I'll look for it.

Again, wishing you a fabulous fabulous year ahead!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, Lyn, John, and the rest. I heard about your classes for next week, wish I had heard about them sooner would have liked to have joined you especially with the dyeing session.
Maybe next time.