Saturday, December 13, 2008

Living with a Sweetist

is both a pleasure and a curse. A curse because while my taste for food left me for a few days, my nose was operating without difficulty. So for days I laid abed hearing the sounds of baking and smelling as a result of the activity the wonderful aromas that came from the kitchen the last five - six days; mid morning to late night. Lyn has always said of herself that she is not creative or artistic. I beg to differ. While she does not like things that remotely relate to the domestic, she is curious and inventive and determined to master that which she is interested in. And like artist of all stripes she has acquired all the tools of the trade/craft. While I have shelfs pn my side of the garage to hold my art supplies, on her side she has shelves too which hold all the overflow stuff required for baking.
I am an artist, Lyn is a sweetist.
She loves to bake sweet stuff especially cakes and thinks it fun to make sugary flowers to decorate her cakes with. She loves to make specialty cookies of all kinds. even the plain sugar cookie get jazzed up with colored sugars and artfully drizzled icing.
And has she been making cookies. Dozens of them. Cookies I can not eat. Cookies I am allergic to because of the wheat,
So as not to make me feel neglected she told me, she was making me buckeyes. Let me tell you, buckeyes are the most deadly delicious things she could have tempted me with. Right now after having eaten two of them I wish I was allergic to dark chocolate and peanut butter in combination with sugar and butter. ALL FATTENING beyond belief, but wonderfully wonderful followed by a glass of cold milk.

One pillow down. five to go. Goal to get them done in time to ship to arrive at the Grand son's place by Christmas

I made this with an envelope closure on the back so the cover can be removed and laundered when soiled.
As far as my cough and snotty nose goes, yesterday I gave up and went to the Doctor's office at Lyn's urging, but like the tooth ache that disappears as soon as your butt is in the dentist chair or the washing machine that come back to life when the repair man knocked on the front door, (another story for another day) most of my sinus symptoms had dissipated to the extent that the doctor didn't do anything for me but ask of I had had a flu shot yet and now that I am 65 Medicare would pay for a pneumonia shot. Both of which I declined. For some reason I felt I was being sold what I hadn't come there to buy. Had I wanted a flu or pneumonia shot I would have made an appointment. That said, I know there or those who do need to be told about these things. I'm not one of them.
While I was out and about yesterday I severed my last legal link to Kentucky. I have for all intent and purpose been a Missourian for 2 plus years. And now I at last have a Missouri drivers license.
I went to get my drivers license changed about a month after I moved here, but didn't when I learned what the requirements for doing so were and I rebelled for a time. The post 9/11 requirements of having to present your birth certificate, proof of address and in the case of a married woman her marriage license to prove her name change or a Passport even when you have a valid license from another state just sent me into a stubborn mindset that lasted until about two weeks ago when I realized my Kentucky license would expire on 11/30/2008. Because I wanted to drive legally, and board airplanes I had no choice but to produce my Passport and present proof of my current address to the licensing office. So I took several pieces of correspondence with me as proof , but because I vote they verified my address through voter registration records. I gave the State of Missouri $20.00. Looked in a viewfinder for a combo vision and road sign recognition test. Moved to another chair as instructed to sit very briefly in front of a blue screen for my picture and then to wait in the fourth chair I occupied while there for less than 3 mintes more. All total , 20 minutes. My plasticized drivers license says its valid until November 2015. I hope there is no long tale to tell about getting it renewed then. ha!
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