Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seven days ago I was humming

Six days ago I was coughing my head off.
Five days ago despite the cough I was putting the final touches on the house for the holidays which included decorating and supervising the youngest grandson as he hung the wreath over the fireplace after which I took to my bed, downed a few pills and thinking tall grandsons are a blessing. A blessing I didn't consider as such when I was trying to keep them fed, or they seemed to out grow their clothes between one wash day and the next.
Four days ago despite feeling like snot and thinking I was having one hell of an allergy attack I helped Lyn prepare dinner for 12 guest that we served buffet style. Lyn and I made 14 so that meant assorted china, glassware and getting out a card table so all could be seated.
Our guest began to arrive at 4PM after all of them and Lyn had attended a play.
Cooking for so many is a lot of work. But all in all it was fun having them.
Our guest left at eight and I went to bed.
Three days ago, I got up long enough to hand wash the wine glasses and other glassware that had belonged to my great-grandmother that I don't trust to the dishwasher and that was the last time I was upright and on my feet longer than it took to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen to get something cold to drink with lots of ice.
Two days ago I thought I was getting better so I cancelled the doctors appointment I made when feeling my worst on Monday. I also discovered the benefits to be had from using a Nitti pot as seen and demostrated by Dr Oz on and Ophra espisode. .
One day ago, late in the afternoon, food began to taste like food again.
Today, I am having thoughts of starting on the six decorator pillows I promised to make for my middle grandson for Chirstmas and his birthday since they are so close together.
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Eight years ago I began collecting angels created by Judy Murphree expressly for Hospice as a fund raiser. Because I had not purchased one since moving to Missouri I went on line to see if any new ones had been created and I found three that I did not have. In discovering this I also came across an article that reported that the artist was ill and was closing her studio. I was saddened to learn this. She created 13 angels and I have twelve of them now. I'm missing angel #1 and since they all were limited editions the likelihood of me finding it is slim to nil, but there is always hope.
I thought at first that I would use them only as Christmas tree ornaments but thoughts of putting them away and out of sigh for most of the year didn't set well with me so they hang, year round, evenly spaced from hooks in my studio above the window.


Karoda said...

ah, shoot, neither of your links worked for me...will google though. the angel is lovely, just lovely.

juanita Yeager said...

i removed the links when I clicked on them the took me to places I did want to go let alone my readers. I guess I haven't gotten the this linking thing conquered yet.
My best, Juanita