Sunday, January 11, 2009

From FNF reception I went to dinner

with the Kathie(y)s who I speak of often as friends I left behind in Louisville and who I can not, not see while I am back there. This time I saw a little more of one of them because I was Kathy A's house guest and that was nice. I've stayed with her and her "million" Raggety Ann Dolls before and feel comfortably at home there.
Because the Carnegie is in New Albany, Indiana , the western most of three small city that face Louisville across the river from the north side we decided to have dinner on that side of the river at a resturant with a great view of downtown Louisville. No matter what time of day or night there is a wonderful view of the Ohio river and the bridges that cross it from most tables at this resturant and this night because the sky was clear and the air crisp the view was spectacular. Not knowing what I am doing when I take pictures I attempted to take some night shots and was pleasantly pleased at the distorted images more so than the ones that were more right.

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