Monday, January 26, 2009

I started knitting

this shawl after I had finished the one for my Mother. Because I wanted to get hers done and to her quickly. I used a bulky yarn and #10.5 needles and it was done by knitting every row.

This shawl pattern is from a book titled Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. The 25 patterns range from simple like the one I did for my Mom to very complex. This one is no as simple. Keeps you counting and thinking. If I didn't still love to make quilts I could turn into a seriously addicted knitter of the complex but not the mundane. Socks or basic scarves bore me.

I've sort of started on the t-shirt quilt for my oldest Grand-daughter but got way-layed by a request for a quilt for a charity auction. For the last two years I have made them something new and this year I had planned to donate something that was already done, except they asked if I would consider donating the very one that is hanging on Lyn's bedroom wall. The last one that hung there I sold right off her wall. I can't do that her again mainly because I don't have anything to replace it. She like her sister Rene does not share my taste in colors. Lyn's an autumn person too, I have come to believe both of them are truly their Father's children when it comes to color.
It's a whole cloth quilt with painted trees. The quilting will take the most time. So I am going to duplicate it as much as it is possible to do a copy of an original when you no longer have the fabric. On Friday I put four lengths of fabric in dye, hoping for something close to the color I wanted. Of the four, one is very close, the other three will find themselves in an over dye pot one of these days.
I left some of you hanging with no end to the outcome of Lyn's trip to DC. It follows this entry. Forgive me the disorderly arrangement of the entries.

One of these day I will learn how to put my entries in an order that makes sense. Until then keep scrolling down the page and reading upwards.

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Karoda said...

I finally have come down from the Inauguration buzz just from watching it on I'm following his actions daily...its like the Series Obama!

Lynn must have pinched herself 84000 times while there...although the pictures are a bit blurry the emotion of being there I can easily imagine!

I need warmer weather to get back to business in my workshop...way too cold for me.