Monday, January 19, 2009

Part Mom, part tour guide,

Lyn and crowd arrived at their hotel north of Richmond, VA about 3:00 PM EST where they will sleep fast and rise early. They will get back on the bus before sunrise; traffic permitting for a hour and a half ride into the DC metro area tomorrow.

They will be dropped off at an end of the line Metro station in Alexander, Va for the ride to the Mall where everyone with at least one partner will a cell phone will be on their own until they meet back at the metro station in Alexander,VA around mid-night for their bus ride back to their hotel north of Richmond to sleep for the night.

She said, after she does a final room check to make sure everyone is where they are suppose to be she is going to order dinner in, take a shower and lay her happy, but tired "butt" down on one of the two beds in her room. Her wake up call is schedule for 2:00 A.M. Here is another story that ran in another local paper this morning.

Now for a little quilt related report.

My oldest granddaughter Joslyn who lives in Providence, RI will be 16 in March. Her mother, Maryellen who I speak of lovingly sent me a box of her sports related t-shirts and asked that they be made into a quilt for her birthday. Of course I could not say no, so as of today I will be working on making my first t-shirt quilt.

While I was out today, dropping JohnChris the grandson off at work, I shopped for fabric to set the t-shirts with and found a fabric with basket balls. Joslyn also wanted her quilt to be usable and huggable so that says to me I need to make it with a polyester/cotton batt and a flannel backing.

While Maryellen reads my blog, I don't think Joslyn does, so I will post some images of my progress.

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Karoda said...

Juanita, I tell ya! I'm so overwhelmed that just trying to imagine what it must be like to actually be there makes me swoon!!!! I'm experiencing joy-induced insominia at the moment!