Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and now for the quilting

well, not quite. First I have to go through my stash in search of something to use as a backing. Being as Joslyn is not into fru, none of my wonderful pieces of floral prints I have will find their way to the back of this quilt. And while I dye long lengths of cloth, I don't know if I have any pieces that are long enough for this quilt which measures 54 inches wide by 78 inches long. My grand-daughter Joslyn is nearly 6 feet tall and this length will work nicely. She's quite the sports-woman as you can see. She runs, plays basketball and has to her credit a hole in one. On top of that she is 16 in a class of over four hundred students at her school. SMART.... And did I mention she plays drums and has preformed at Disney World.
Now I'm off the proud grand-mother platform and back on the quilting one.
My daughter Lyn just passed by my studio space. Eyeing the design wall she commented on how traditional Joslyn's quilt looked. Then she asked, "How are you going to quilt it? Ahhhhh....
First the batting then the backing and then...............
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Karoda said...

This is lovely Juanita...I'm feeling a tad guilty for not finishing and starting a couple of requested baby quilts, sighing.