Monday, February 23, 2009

In February it doesn't pay to be hasty

That was the case with me on Saturday when I woke to a morning of wonderful sunshine and a fat robin sitting in the bush outside my studio window. Ahh, I thought, can Spring be far off.
Thoughts of flowers danced in my head.
For the next few hours I put in time quilting on Joslyn's quilt. I know it's a little hard to discern in this shot but the sashing fabric has various sizes of basketballs in an overall pattern. I had planned to be done by March 1st so I can get it in the UPS for it to arrive for her birthday on March 6, but that may be a hope that might not happen. Quilting this quilt is proving to be a challenge. For one thing it has been a while since I have wrestled something this large under the needle and my back, arms and shoulders are telling me so. So I am not putting in the hours needed to make the deadline happen.
Because of my need for frequent breaks on Thursday, I took myself to the movies to see. "International". On Friday it was back to the movies again. This time I saw "Taken' with Sean Penn and "Madea Goes to Jail".
In reviewing the winners of the Oscars for this year and thinking of the winners in past years, I realized as much as I love the movies, for the most part I never see or have any interest in seeing the ones that are nominated.
My taste runs to adventure, plausible sci-fi, espionage, thrillers, and on occasion some girly flicks. It isn't often that ones from these genre get the nod. I know, there was Star Wars, and Silence of the Lambs,...... but you know what I mean.

The reason it doesn't pay to be hasty in February or get too excited about the prospect of Spring not being far off. Going out to Church on Saturday, I had to dress like I was on my way to the North Pole and this is the remaining patch of snow from the light snow fall that came on Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday morning to remind me that despite the robins, it's still Winter.
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