Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A week in review

Starting last Monday I began working in Earnest on my Grand-daughter's T-shirt quilt. It would have been simpler if all of the logo's could be trimmed to a uniform size, but that was not the case. As of today I have all but one strip sewn together and a strip of border on the right hand side. I stopped to take a little break from the sewing. I should be sandwiching it and quilting it tomorrow.
I love my new camera... I haven't learned all it is capable of doing and plan to take some free digital photography classes that was a benefit of buying my camera from the locally owned camera shop here in Columbia.
I can takes really great detail shots without knowing what I am doing. Neat! Cool ... and all that.

Myke, (my youngest child - adult male- person) arrived for a visit on Wednesday evening. I really have enjoyed having him here. We talked a lot and he did some things that we needed done that only a male you don't have to give instruction to in order to get it done correctly, can do. I had forgotten how nice it was to have someone take out the trash without having to ask, then insist or just do it myself.
Here is a short list of what he did while here. He replaced blown light bulbs everywhere in the house, even one in Lyn's water closet that had been out for nearly two years. (her ceiling was too high and our ladder too short for us female people). He hung a decorative metal thingy over the fireplace. Again, too high for use shorty females. He helped clean and organize the garage and carry stuff up to the attic. If he had done nothing else, I would have been elated. Lyn and I have been waiting for a fairly warm day and one when we had nothing else planned to get this chore done. We lucked out and had a fairly warm day on Sunday.
Here he is sitting at my sewing machine as if he was going to start sewing something. He didn't. We didn't just work him. He and Lyn went out on the town one evening with several of her friends. We went into the city on Valentines day for lunch at a "Teller's", a restaurant I hadn't tried since living here. Both the food and service was pretty good. Like a lot of businesses in the District, the walls were filled with art work. I didn't see anything that HAD to go home with me. We also stopped into the busiest place in Columbia. The Candy Factory. The line for chocolate covered strawberries started at the door. And yes, the dark chocolate ones were worth me falling off my healthy food wagon for a day.
He also helped move furniture. I have wanted to move this cabinet filled with my elephant collection every since we moved here, but had no one to do it until now. And now, both Lyn and I are happy with the furniture arrangement in this room.

And now he is gone. Lyn took Myke to catch the 3:00 PM Mo-X shuttle to the St Louis airport. With a brief stop over in Chicago, he will be back in Providence, RI before Mid-night. I miss him already.
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Caron said...

I LOVE the photo you took with your new camera! I'm envious of the class you get to take. I use my digital camera, but I really don't know what I'm doing. :(

And you have a very handsome son!
Happy quilting!