Saturday, February 07, 2009

I feel really bad talking

about how great the weather has been here the last two days.
Yesterday with the sun shining and the temperature in the high 60's, 69 to be exact around 3:00PM and I was compelled to get out of the house and bask in the sun and warmth.
I've been looking for a camera for several months. I once had a Sony point and shot that I dearly loved and knew how to operate "in my sleep" so to speak, but it was lost. Since then I have been searching for one to replace it. I had brought two camera's since then, neither one have I liked the way they operated or the images they produced. I was most unhappy about the distortion I would get when trying to shot my larger pieces. The sides would appear to be bowing when I knew they were straight. In my quest for a camera, I did a lot of online research,. I asked several friend too what camera's they had and if they were pleased with the result they got.
If I still lived in Louisville, the need for my own camera of quality would be unnecessary. There was George. The husband of my friend Marti. I don't know if he had planned to become a really really very good photographer of quilts when his wife and I first started on our quilts to art journey but he has. His images are what got both me and Marti and others in the River City Fiber Art Group into many juried shows and exhibition venues. I'm sure if I said please very nicely and shipped my quilts off to him that the need for a really good camera would not be necessary. But the idea of that didn't set well with me. So like I said, I've been searching. And having observed him and picking his brain I think I am capable of doing a decent job for myself here.
Yesterday with the sun shining and people out in short sleeve shirts and shorts, I drove into town to visit the camera store. There I met a very nice salesman who was very very helpful. We tried several cameras that met my set of criteria. We took shorts of large rectangular object in the store to see which camera's distorted and which ones didn't. We took the memory cards to a computer, down loaded the images and played with cropping and zooming in to see which camera gave me the best images. I handled them all to see how the weight of each felt and how it fit my hands. I settled on the Sony Cybershot H50 in my mind while I was in the store, but I wanted to sleep on it. I did and I am off to get it when I finish blogging.
The quilt for Pascale's Pals, the charity for children here in Columbia is finished,
It's rolled up on my ironing surface, waiting to be picked up by one of the organizers.

I do love glue sticks and binder clips for making the turning of the facing so much easier.

Still haven't solved the sleeve issue, but they two are on and done.
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Karoda said...

Its warming up here today and is suppose to stay that way through the first part of the week...I believe Shelly Zegart is giving a presentation at the Carnegie tomorrow and I'd like to attend...will see how I feel tomorrow before deciding.

Happy photo taking with the new 'quipment